Non-CPU lenses can be used in exposure modes A and M, with aperture set using the lens aperture ring. By specifying lens data (lens focal length and maximum aperture), the user can gain access to the following CPU lens functions.

If the focal length of the lens is known:

  • Power zoom can be used with optional flash units
  • Lens focal length is listed (with an asterisk) in the playback photo info display

If the maximum aperture of the lens is known:

  • The aperture value is displayed in the control panel and viewfinder
  • Flash level is adjusted for changes in aperture if the flash unit supports qA (auto aperture) mode
  • Aperture is listed (with an asterisk) in the playback photo info display

Specifying both the focal length and maximum aperture of the lens:

  • Enables color matrix metering (note that it may be necessary to use center-weighted or spot metering to achieve accurate results with some lenses, including Reflex-NIKKOR lenses)
  • Improves the precision of center-weighted and spot metering and i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR

To enter or edit data for a non-CPU lens:

  1. Select Non-CPU lens data.

    Highlight Non-CPU lens data in the setup menu and press 2.

  2. Select a lens number.

    Highlight Lens number and press 4 or 2 to choose a lens number.

  3. Enter the focal length and aperture.

    Highlight Focal length (mm) or Maximum aperture and press 4 or 2 to edit the highlighted item.

  4. Save settings and exit.

    Press J. The specified focal length and aperture will be stored under the chosen lens number.

To recall lens data when using a non-CPU lens:

  1. Assign non-CPU lens number selection to a camera control.

    Assign Choose non-CPU lens number to a control using Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment, 0 Custom Control Assignment).

  2. Use the selected control to choose a lens number.

    Press the selected control and rotate the main or sub-command dial until the desired lens number is displayed in the control panel.

    Main command dial

    Focal length Maximum aperture

    Lens number

Focal Length Not Listed

If the correct focal length is not listed, choose the closest value greater than the actual focal length of the lens.

Teleconverters and Zoom Lenses

The maximum aperture for teleconverters is the combined maximum aperture of the teleconverter and the lens. Note that lens data are not adjusted when non-CPU lenses are zoomed in or out. The data for different focal lengths can be entered as separate lens numbers, or the data for the lens can be edited to reflect the new values for lens focal length and maximum aperture each time zoom is adjusted.