Flash compensation can be used to adjust the level of the master and remote flash units by from −3 to +1 EV in steps of 1/3 EV. To choose a value for flash compensation, press the W (M) button and rotate the sub-command dial until the desired value is displayed in the control panel.

W (M) button

Sub-command dial

±0 EV (W/M button pressed)

–0.3 EV

+1.0 EV

When the master flash or a remote flash is set to TTL or qA and flash compensation to a value other than ±0.0, a Y icon will be displayed in the control panel and viewfinder and the current value for flash compensation can be viewed by pressing W (M). Normal flash output can be restored by setting flash compensation to ±0.0. Flash compensation is not reset when the camera is turned off.

See Also

For information on:

  • Choosing the size of the increments available for flash compensation, see A > Custom Setting b3 (Exp./flash comp. step value, 0 b3: Exp./Flash Comp. Step Value).
  • Choosing whether flash compensation is applied in addition to exposure compensation when the flash is used, see A > Custom Setting e3 (Exposure comp. for flash, 0 e3: Exposure Comp. for Flash).