During viewfinder photography, you can press the R button to view an information display in the monitor listing such data as shutter speed, aperture, number of exposures remaining, and AF-area mode.


Bluetooth connection indicator

Airplane mode


Wi-Fi connection indicator

Eye-Fi connection indicator

3 Satellite signal indicator
4 Long exposure noise reduction indicator
5 Vignette control indicator
6 Auto distortion control
7 Electronic front-curtain shutter
8 Exposure delay mode

Interval timer indicator

Time-lapse indicator

& (“clock not set”) indicator

10 “Beep” indicator

Camera battery indicator

MB-D18 battery type display

MB-D18 battery indicator

12 White balance
13 Picture Control indicator
14 Color space
15 Photo shooting menu bank
16 Image area indicator
17 Active D-Lighting indicator

18 Flash sync indicator
19 Shutter-speed lock icon
20 Shutter speed
21 Aperture stop indicator

Aperture (f-number)

Aperture (number of stops)


Exposure indicator

Exposure compensation display

Bracketing progress indicator:

Exposure and flash bracketing

WB bracketing

24 Image comment indicator
25 Copyright information indicator
26 i icon
27 Flexible program indicator
28 Exposure mode

Position of current frame in bracketing sequence

ADL bracketing amount

HDR exposure differential

HDR (series) indicator

Number of exposures (multiple exposure)

Multiple exposure (series) indicator


Exposure and flash bracketing indicator

WB bracketing indicator

ADL bracketing indicator

HDR indicator

Multiple exposure indicator

31 Release mode


Exposure compensation indicator

Exposure compensation value


Flash compensation indicator

Flash compensation value

34 FV lock indicator
35 Metering
36 Aperture lock icon

ISO sensitivity

ISO sensitivity indicator

Auto ISO sensitivity indicator

38 “k” (appears when memory remains for over 1000 exposures)

Number of exposures remaining

Manual lens number


Image quality

Secondary slot function

Image size

XQD card icon

SD card icon

41 Autofocus mode
42 AF-area mode
43 Flash control mode
44 Flash mode

Note: Display shown with all indicators lit for illustrative purposes.

Turning the Monitor Off

To clear shooting or flash information from the monitor, press the R button or press the shutter-release button halfway. The monitor will turn off automatically if no operations are performed for about 10 seconds. For information on choosing how long the monitor remains on before turning off automatically, see A > Custom Setting c4 (Monitor off delay, 0 Monitor off Delay).

The & Indicator

The camera clock is powered by an independent, rechargeable power source, which is charged as necessary when the main battery is installed or the camera is powered by an optional power connector and AC adapter. Two days of charging will power the clock for about three months. If the & icon flashes in the information display, the clock has been reset and the date and time recorded with any new photographs will not be correct. Set the clock to the correct time and date using the Time zone and date > Date and time option in the setup menu (0 Time Zone and Date).

See Also

For information on changing the color of the lettering in the information display, see B > Information display (0 Information Display).