Rate pictures or mark them as candidates for later deletion. Ratings can also be viewed in NX Studio. Rating is not available with protected images.

  1. Select an image.

    Display the image or highlight it in the thumbnail list in thumbnail playback.

  2. Display playback options.

    Press the i button to display playback options.

    i button

  3. Select Rating.

    Highlight Rating and press 2.

  4. Choose a rating.

    Press 4 or 2 to choose a rating of from zero to five stars, or select d to mark the picture as a candidate for later deletion. Press J to complete the operation.

Rating Pictures with the Fn2 Button

If Rating is selected for Custom Setting f1 (Custom control assignment) > Fn2 button, pictures can be rated by keeping the Fn2 button pressed and pressing 4 or 2 (0 Custom Control Assignment).