Touch the monitor to focus and lift your finger to take the photograph.

Tap the icon shown in the illustration to choose the operation performed by tapping the monitor in shooting mode. Choose from the following options:

For information on touch photography focus, see “Autofocus” (0 Autofocus).

Taking Pictures Using Touch Shooting Options

The shutter-release button can be used to focus and take pictures even when the W icon is displayed to show that the touch shutter is enabled. Use the shutter-release button to take photographs in continuous shooting mode (0 Choosing a Release Mode) and during movie recording. Touch shooting options can be used only to take pictures one at a time in continuous shooting mode and cannot be used to take photographs during movie recording.

The touch screen cannot be used to position the focus point when the focus selector lock is in the L (lock) position (0 Focus Point Selection), but it can still be used to select the subject when face-priority AF is selected for AF-area mode (0 Choosing an AF-Area Mode).

In self-timer mode (0 Self-Timer Mode (E)), focus locks on the selected subject when you touch the monitor and the timer starts when you lift your finger from the screen. At default settings, the shutter is released about 10 s after the timer starts; the delay and number of shots can be changed using Custom Setting c3 (Self-timer, 0 Self-Timer). If the option selected for Number of shots is greater than 1, the camera will automatically take pictures one after the other until the selected number of shots is recorded.

Shooting in Live View

To prevent light entering via the viewfinder from interfering with photographs or exposure, close the viewfinder eyepiece shutter (0 Close the Viewfinder Eyepiece Shutter).

Although they will not appear in the final picture, jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, and bright spots may appear in the monitor, while bright regions or bands may appear in some areas with flashing signs and other intermittent light sources or if the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other bright, momentary light source. In addition, distortion may occur with moving subjects, particularly if the camera is panned horizontally or an object moves horizontally at high speed through the frame. Flicker and banding visible in the monitor under fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps can be reduced using the Flicker reduction option in the movie shooting menu (0 Flicker Reduction), although they may still be visible in the final photograph at some shutter speeds. When shooting in live view, avoid pointing the camera at the sun or other strong light sources. Failure to observe this precaution could result in damage to the camera’s internal circuitry.

Regardless of the option selected for Custom Setting c2 (Standby timer, 0 Standby Timer), the standby timer will not expire during shooting.

Beeps During Live View

A beep may sound if you adjust aperture or use the live view selector during live view.