Connect to other cameras for shutter or clock synchronization.

Synchronized Release

Select [ON] to synchronize the shutter release with those of cameras on the same network.

Network Settings

Add camera network profiles. This item can also be used to choose from existing network profiles.

Create Profile

Create new network profiles (Synchronized Release).

  • If more than one profile already exists, you can press J to choose a profile and connect to the selected network.

  • To edit an existing profile, highlight it and press 2.




  • [Profile name]: Rename the profile. The default profile name is the same as the network SSID.

  • [Password protection]: Select [On] to require that a password be entered before the profile can be changed. To change the password, highlight [On] and press 2.


Adjust TCP/IP settings for infrastructure connections. An IP address is required.

  • If [ON] is selected for [Obtain automatically], the IP address and sub-net mask for infrastructure mode connections will be acquired via a DHCP server or automatic IP addressing.

  • Select [OFF] to enter the IP address ([Address]) and sub-net mask ([Mask]) manually.

Copy to/from Card

Share network profiles.

  • If two memory cards are inserted, the profiles will be copied to and from the card in Slot 1.



[Copy profile from card]

Copy profiles from the root directory of the memory card to the camera profile list.

[Copy profile to card]

Copy profiles from the camera to the memory card. Highlight a profile and press J to copy it to the memory card.

  • Password-protected profiles cannot be copied.

End Current Connection

End the connection to the current network.

Group Name

Choose a group for synchronized release. Shutter release is synchronized across the cameras on the network that are in the same group.


Choose a role for each camera from “master” and “remote”. Pressing the shutter-release button on the master camera releases the shutters on all remote cameras that are both on the same network and in the same group.

Remote Camera List

The master camera lists the remote cameras connected.

Synchronize Date and Time

Set the clocks on the remote cameras to the date and time reported by the master camera (Synchronizing Camera Clocks).