Select [ON] to override the options selected for [Camera sounds] in the setup menu and mute the electronic shutter and beep speaker during photography.

  • Selecting [ON] also suppresses other camera sounds. It does not, however, completely silence the camera. Camera sounds may still be audible, for example during autofocus or aperture adjustment, in the latter case most noticeably at apertures smaller (i.e., at f-numbers higher) than f/5.6.

  • The frame advance rate may drop in some circumstances.

  • Long-exposure noise reduction is disabled.

  • Optional flash units will not fire.

  • Silent mode mutes the electronic shutter and beep speaker and dampens other camera sounds, but does not absolve photographers of the need to respect their subjects’ privacy and image rights.

The Standby Timer

Even when [ON] is selected for [Silent mode], a sound will be produced when the standby timer is activated or expires. To mute the standby timer, select [No limit] for Custom Setting c3 [Power off delay] > [Standby timer].