Hidden pictures are visible only in the “hide image” menu.

  1. Choose [Select/set].

    Highlight [Select/set] and press 2 to display a picture-selection dialog.

  2. Select pictures.
    • Highlight pictures using the multi selector and press the center of the multi selector to select. Selected pictures are marked with R icons. To deselect the current picture, removing the R icon, press the center of the multi selector again.

    • Continue until you have selected all the desired pictures.

    • To view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the X button.

  3. Save changes.

    Press J to complete the operation.

Hidden Pictures
  • Hidden pictures will be deleted when the memory card is formatted.

  • Revealing a protected image will also remove protection from the image.

Revealing All Hidden Pictures

To reveal all pictures hidden using [Hide image], choose [Deselect all] in the [Hide image] display.