View a slide show; pictures are displayed in the order recorded. The pictures in the folder currently selected for [Playback folder] ( Playback Folder ) will be displayed one-by-one in the order recorded. Pictures hidden using [Hide image] ( Hide Image ) are not displayed.




Start the slide show.

[Image type]

  • Choose the type of picture displayed.

  • Select [By rating] to view only pictures with selected ratings. Highlight ratings and press 2 to select (M) or deselect (U).

[Frame interval]

Choose how long each picture will be displayed.

Viewing Slide Shows

To start the slide show, highlight [Start] and press J.

The following operations can be performed while the show is in progress:



Skip back/skip ahead

Press 4 to return to the previous frame, 2 to skip to the next frame.

View additional photo info

Press 1 or 3 to choose the photo info displayed. To hide photo info, select [None (image only)].


Press J to pause the slide show. To restart, highlight [Restart] and press J.

Adjust volume

Press X to increase volume, W (M) to decrease.

Exit to the playback menu

Press G to end the slide show and return to the playback menu.

Exit to playback mode

Press K to end the slide show and exit to full-frame or thumbnail playback.

Resume shooting

Press the shutter-release button halfway to return to shooting mode.

A dialog is displayed when the show ends. To restart, highlight [Restart] and press J. To end the show, highlight [Exit] and press J.