Hide or reveal selected pictures as described below. Hidden pictures are visible only in the Hide image menu and can only be deleted by formatting the memory card.

Protected and Hidden Images

Revealing a protected image will also remove protection from the image.

  1. Choose Select/set.

    Highlight Select/set and press 2 (to skip the remaining steps and reveal all pictures, highlight Deselect all and press J).

  2. Select pictures.

    Use the multi selector to scroll through the pictures on the memory card (to view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the X button) and press the center of the multi selector to select the current picture. Selected pictures are marked by a R icon; to deselect a picture, highlight it and press the center of the multi selector again. Continue until all the desired pictures have been selected.

  3. Press J.

    Press J to complete the operation.

    J button