Copy pictures from one memory card to another. This option is only available when two memory cards are inserted in the camera.

  1. Choose Select source.

    Highlight Select source and press 2.

  2. Select the source card.

    Highlight the slot for the card containing the images to be copied and press J.

  3. Choose Select image(s).

    Highlight Select image(s) and press 2.

  4. Select the source folder.

    Highlight the folder containing the images to be copied and press 2.

  5. Make the initial selection.

    Before going on to select or deselect individual images, you can mark all or all protected images in the folder for copying by choosing Select all images or Select protected images. To mark only individually selected images for copying, choose Deselect all before proceeding.

  6. Select additional images.

    Highlight pictures and press the center of the multi selector to select or deselect (to view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the X button). Selected images are marked with a L. Press J to proceed to Step 7 when your selection is complete.

  7. Choose Select destination folder.

    Highlight Select destination folder and press 2.

  8. Select a destination folder.

    To enter a folder number, choose Select folder by number, enter the number (0 Select Folder by Number), and press J. If the folder with the selected number does not already exist, a new folder will be created.

    To choose from a list of existing folders, choose Select folder from list, highlight a folder, and press J.

  9. Copy the images.

    Highlight Copy image(s)? and press J.

    A confirmation dialog will be displayed; highlight Yes and press J. Press J again to exit when copying is complete.

Copying Images

Images will not be copied if there is insufficient space on the destination card. Be sure the battery is fully charged before copying movies.

If the destination folder contains an image with the same name as one of the images to be copied, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Select Replace existing image to replace the image with the image to be copied, or select Replace all to replace all existing images with the same names without further prompting. To continue without replacing the image, select Skip, or select Cancel to exit without copying any further images. Hidden or protected files in the destination folder will not be replaced.

Protect status and ratings are copied with the images. Hidden images cannot be copied.