Photo shooting menu options are stored in one of four banks (banks “A” through “D”). Changes to settings in one bank have no effect on the others. Note, however, that changes to [Extended photo menu banks], [White balance] presets, [Multiple exposure], [Interval timer shooting], [Time-lapse movie], and [Focus shift shooting] apply to all banks.

To store a particular combination of frequently-used settings, select one of the four banks using [Photo shooting menu bank] and adjust settings as desired.

Photo Shooting Menu Bank

The information and top control panel displays show the current photo shooting menu bank as k followed by bank name (“A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”).

Renaming Photo Shooting Menu Banks

A descriptive caption can be added to the bank name (“A”, “B”, “C”, or “D”) by highlighting the bank and pressing 2. Captions can be up to 20 characters long.

Restoring Default Settings

You can restore default settings for a selected photo shooting menu bank. To do so, highlight the bank and press O (Q); a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Highlight [Yes] and press J to restore default settings for the selected bank.

  • Photo shooting menu reset is not available while a multiple exposure is in progress.