Select [On] to reduce barrel distortion when shooting with wide-angle lenses and to reduce pin-cushion distortion when shooting with long lenses.

  • [Auto distortion control] is available only with type G, E, and D lenses. Some lenses of these types, including PC and fisheye lenses, are, however, not supported. Results are not guaranteed with lenses that are not supported.

Auto Distortion Control
  • When [On] is selected, the time needed to process photographs before recording begins may increase.

  • The greater the amount of distortion control, the greater the area cropped from the edges of the frame.

  • Before using auto distortion control with DX lenses, choose [On] for [Image area] > [Auto DX crop] or select [DX (24×16)] for [Choose image area]. Selecting other options may result in heavily cropped photographs or in photographs with severe peripheral distortion.

  • Auto distortion control does not apply to movies.