Adjust settings for voice memos ( Voice Memos ).

Voice Memo

Choose whether voice memos are recorded manually or automatically after a photograph is taken.





Voice memos cannot be recorded in shooting mode.


[On (Auto and manual)]

Voice memos are recorded automatically when shooting ends.

  • Selecting [On (Auto and manual)] displays an [Auto] menu where you can select the recording time.


[Manual only]

Memos can be manually added to the most recent photograph.

Voice Memo Overwrite

Choose whether the voice memo for the most recent photograph can be overwritten in shooting mode.




Voice memos cannot be recorded in shooting mode if one already exists for most recent photograph.


Each new voice memo overwrites the memo for the most recent photograph, if any.

Voice Memo Control

Choose how the Fn3 (C) button behaves when used to record voice memos.




[Press and hold]

Voice memos up to 60 seconds long can be recorded while the Fn3 (C) button is pressed.


[Press to start/stop]

Recording begins when the Fn3 (C) button is pressed and ends after about 60 seconds or when the control is pressed a second time.

Audio Output

Choose the device used for voice memo playback.





Voice memos are played back over headphones (if connected) or the camera’s built-in speaker.

  • Press 1 or 3 to choose a volume between [1] and [15].

  • Press J to save changes and exit.



Voice memos are output to the HDMI terminal at a fixed volume.



Voice memos cannot be played even using the Fn3 (C) button. b icons are displayed when photographs for which memos exist are viewed in the monitor.