The Q/g (U) button can be used during shooting to adjust white balance. White balance delivers natural colors with light sources of different hues.

The Q/g (U) Button

The Q/g (U) button may be disabled in some shooting modes or when certain conditions apply.

Adjusting White Balance

Hold the Q/g (U) button and rotate the main command dial.

Options for the selected setting, if any, can be selected by holding the Q/g (U) button and rotating the sub-command dial.

If coordinates are displayed as shown, you can hold the Q/g (U) button and fine-tune white balance using the multi selector.

  • Press 4 or 2 to fine-tune white balance on the amber-blue axis and 1 or 3 to fine-tune white balance on the green-magenta axis.

  • When [Choose color temperature] is selected, you can press 4 or 2 to highlight a digit. Press 1 or 3 to change.

  • Release the Q/g (U) button to return to shooting mode.



4 [Auto]

White balance is adjusted automatically for optimal results with most light sources.

i [Keep white (reduce warm colors)]

Eliminate the warm color cast produced by incandescent lighting.

j [Keep overall atmosphere]

Partially preserve the warm color cast produced by incandescent lighting.

k [Keep warm lighting colors]

Preserve the warm color cast produced by incandescent lighting.

D [Natural light auto]

When used under natural light in place of 4 ([Auto]), this option produces colors closer to those seen by the naked eye.

H [Direct sunlight]

Use with subjects lit by direct sunlight.

G [Cloudy]

Use in daylight under overcast skies.

M [Shade]

Use in daylight with subjects in shade.

J [Incandescent]

Use under incandescent lighting.

I [Fluorescent]

Use under fluorescent lighting; choose the bulb type according to the light source.

[Sodium-vapor lamps]

[Warm-white fluorescent]

[White fluorescent]

[Cool-white fluorescent]

[Day white fluorescent]

[Daylight fluorescent]

[High temp. mercury-vapor]

5 [Flash]

Use with studio strobe lighting and other large flash units.

K [Choose color temperature]

Choose the color temperature directly.

L [Preset manual]

Measure white balance for the subject or light source or copy white balance from an existing photograph.

Protecting Pictures from Deletion

During playback, the Q/g (U) button can be used to protect pictures. Protecting pictures helps prevent accidental deletion.

Viewing Help

Where available, a description of the currently-selected item can be viewed by pressing the Q/g (U) button ( The d (Help) Icon ).