The following Nikon software can be used with the camera:

Computer Software
  • Camera Control Pro 2 (available for purchase): Control the camera remotely from a computer and save photographs directly to the computer hard disk. If [PC] is selected as the destination in Camera Control Pro 2, a PC connection indicator (c) will be displayed in the camera control panel if Camera Control Pro 2 is launched while the camera is connected to the computer.

  • NX Tether: Use for tethered photography when the camera is connected to a computer. Exposure, white balance, and other camera settings can be adjusted remotely using controls in the computer display.

  • NX Studio *: View and edit photos and videos shot with Nikon digital cameras. NX Studio can be used to fine-tune files in Nikon’s unique NEF/NRW (RAW) format and convert them to JPEG or TIFF (NEF/RAW processing). It supports not only NEF/NRW (RAW) pictures but also JPEG and TIFF photos shot with Nikon digital cameras for such tasks as editing tone curves and enhancing brightness and contrast.

    • Existing users should be sure to download the latest version, as earlier versions may be unable to download pictures from the camera or open NEF (RAW) pictures.

  • Wireless Transmitter Utility: The Wireless Transmitter Utility is required if the camera is to be connected to a network. Pair the camera with the computer and download pictures via Wi-Fi.

Nikon computer software is available from the Nikon Download Center. Check the version and system requirements and be sure to download the latest version.

Smartphone (Tablet) Apps

SnapBridge: Upload photos and movies from the camera to a smart device via a wireless connection.

  • The SnapBridge app is available for download from the Apple App Store® or on Google PlayTM.

  • Visit the Nikon website for the latest information on the SnapBridge app.