Use the W (Y) button to choose how the camera meters light when setting exposure.

The W (Y) Button

The W (Y) button may be disabled in some shooting modes or when certain conditions apply.

Choosing a Metering Option

Hold the W (Y) button and rotate the main command dial.




[Matrix metering]

Matrix metering is adapted to a wide range of subjects. It produces natural-looking results.


[Center-weighted metering]

The camera assigns the greatest weight to the center of the frame. It can be used with subjects that dominate the composition, for example.


[Spot metering]

The camera meters a circle 4 mm (0.16 in.) in diameter (approximately 1.5% of frame). Use for example to meter a specific area of the frame when your subject is backlit or features sharply contrasting areas.


[Highlight-weighted metering]

The camera assigns the greatest weight to highlights. Use this option to reduce loss of detail in highlights, for example when photographing spotlit performers on stage.