You can choose an image area using the [Image area] > [Choose image area] item in the movie shooting menu. Select [FX] to shoot movies in what is referred to as “FX-based movie format”, [DX] to shoot in “DX-based movie format”. The differences between the two are illustrated below.

  • The sizes of the areas recorded are approximately 35.9 × 20.2 mm (FX-based movie format) and 23.5 × 13.2 mm (DX-based movie format). Movies shot with a DX-format lens and [On] selected for [Image area] > [Auto DX crop] in the movie shooting menu are recorded in DX-based movie format.

  • Enabling electronic vibration reduction by selecting [On] for [Electronic VR] in the movie shooting menu reduces the size of the crop, slightly increasing the apparent focal length.