To record silent slow-motion movies, select [1920×1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)], [1920×1080; 25p ×4 (slow-motion)], or [1920×1080; 24p ×5 (slow-motion)] for [Frame size/frame rate] in the movie shooting menu. Movies recorded at 4 or 5 times the rated speed are played back at the rated speed for a slow-motion effect. Movies shot at [1920 × 1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)], for example, are recorded at a frame rate of roughly 120 fps and play back at around 30 fps, meaning that 10 seconds recording produces about 40 seconds of footage.

  • Recording and playback speeds are shown below.

    Frame size/frame rate

    Frame rate *

    Recorded at

    Plays back at

    [1920 × 1080; 30p ×4 (slow-motion)]



    [1920 × 1080; 25p ×4 (slow-motion)]



    [1920 × 1080; 24p ×5 (slow-motion)]



    • Actual frame rate is 119.88 fps for values listed as 120p, 29.97 fps for values listed as 30p, and 23.976 fps for values listed as 24p.

Slow-Motion Movies
  • When a slow-motion option is selected, quality is fixed at “high quality” and the image area is fixed at [FX] regardless of the lens used or the option selected for [Image area] > [Choose image area] in the movie shooting menu ( Adjusting Image Area Settings ).

  • Features such as flicker reduction, electronic vibration reduction, and time code output cannot be used when a “slow-motion” option is selected.