Create copies with reduced peripheral distortion. Select Auto to let the camera correct distortion automatically and then make fine adjustments using the multi selector, or select Manual to reduce distortion manually. Note that Auto is not available with photos taken using auto distortion control; see “Auto Distortion Control” (0 Auto Distortion Control). Press 2 to reduce barrel distortion, 4 to reduce pincushion distortion (the effect can be previewed in the edit display; note that greater amounts of distortion control result in more of the edges being cropped out). Press J to save the retouched copy. Note that distortion control may heavily crop or distort the edges of copies created from photographs taken with DX lenses at image areas other than DX (24×16).


Auto is for use only with pictures taken with type G, E, and D lenses (PC, fisheye, and certain other lenses excluded). Results are not guaranteed with other lenses.