Pictures are saved using file names consisting of “DSC_” followed by a four-digit number and a three-letter extension. [File naming] is used to select three letters to replace the “DSC” portion of the file name. For information on text entry, see “Text Entry” (Text Entry).

File Names
  • File names take the form “”, where nnnn is a number from 0001 to 9999 and xxx is one of the following extensions, assigned according to the options selected for image quality and file type:

    • NEF: NEF (RAW) photos

    • JPG: JPEG (fine, normal, or basic) photos

    • MOV: MOV videos

    • NEV: NEV videos

    • MP4: MP4 videos

    • NDF: Dust off reference data

  • Pictures created with [Adobe RGB] selected for [Color space] in the photo shooting menu have file names of the form “”.

  • In each pair of photographs recorded at image-quality settings of RAW + JPEG, the NEF (RAW) and JPEG pictures have the same file names but different extensions.

  • Proxy videos have the same file names as the RAW footage with which they are recorded, but while the RAW footage is assigned the extension “.NEV” or “.MOV’, the proxy files have the extension “.MP4”.