Metering determines how the camera sets exposure.




[Matrix metering]

The camera meters a wide area of the frame and sets exposure according to tone distribution, color, composition, and distance for results close to those seen by the naked eye.


[Center-weighted metering]

  • The camera assigns the greatest weight to the center of the frame. This mode can, for example, be used with subjects that dominate the composition.

  • Center-weighted metering is also recommended when using filters with an exposure factor (filter factor) over 1×.

  • The size of the area assigned the greatest weight can be selected using Custom Setting b5 [Center-weighted area].


[Spot metering]

  • The camera meters a circle with a diameter of 4 mm/0.16 in. (equivalent to approximately 1.5% of the frame). This ensures that the subject will be correctly exposed even when the background is much brighter or darker.

  • The metered area is centered on the current focus point. If [Auto-area AF] is selected for AF-area mode (AF-Area Mode), the camera will instead meter the center focus point.


[Highlight-weighted metering]

The camera assigns the greatest weight to highlights. Use this option to reduce loss of detail in highlights, for example when photographing spotlit performers on stage.