Match white balance to the light source.

Option Description
vAuto White balance is adjusted automatically for optimal results with most light sources. For best results, use type G, E or D lens. If optional flash fires, results are adjusted appropriately.
  Keep white (reduce warm colors)
Keep warm lighting colors
DNatural light auto White balance is adjusted for natural light, producing colors closer to those seen by the naked eye.
JIncandescent Use under incandescent lighting.
IFluorescent Use with:
  Sodium-vapor lamps Sodium-vapor lighting (found in sports venues).
Warm-white fluorescent Warm-white fluorescent lights.
White fluorescent White fluorescent lights.
Cool-white fluorescent Cool-white fluorescent lights.
Day white fluorescent Daylight white fluorescent lights.
Daylight fluorescent Daylight fluorescent lights.
High temp. mercury-vapor High color temperature light sources (e.g. mercury-vapor lamps).
HDirect sunlight Use with subjects lit by direct sunlight.
NFlash Use with optional flash units.
GCloudy Use in daylight under overcast skies.
MShade Use in daylight with subjects in the shade.
KChoose color temp. Choose color temperature from list of values.
LPreset manual Use subject, light source, or existing photograph as reference for white balance.