If Off is selected, the control panel and button backlights (illuminators) will only light while the power switch is rotated toward D. If On is selected, the backlights will remain on while the standby timer is active. Regardless of the option selected, the backlights turn off when the shutter-release button is pressed; if On is selected, they will come back on when you lift your finger from the shutter-release button. Select Off for increased battery life.

Button Backlights

1 T button
2 U button
3 I button
4 Y button
5 Release mode dial pointer

6 G button
7 L (Z/Q) button
8 X button
9 W (M) button
10 J button
11 K button
12 O (Q) button

A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

a: Autofocus

b: Metering/exposure

c: Timers/AE lock

d: Shooting/display

e: Bracketing/flash

f: Controls

g: Movie