Choose the items listed in the i menu displayed when the i button is pressed during viewfinder photography. For information on customizing the i menu, see “Customizing the i Menu: Customize i Menu” ( Customizing the i Menu: Customize i Menu ).

View Memory Card Info

View the slot currently selected as the destination for new pictures and the role played by the card in Slot 2 when two memory cards are inserted. This item can be used to view but not to change the option selected.

  • The role played by the card in Slot 2 can be selected using [Role played by card in Slot 2] in the photo shooting menu ( Using Two Memory Cards ).

View Release Mode

View the current release mode. This item can be used to view but not change the option selected.

Bluetooth Connection

Turn the Bluetooth connection on or off.

Wi‑Fi Connection

Enable or disable Wi‑Fi.

  • Enable Wi‑Fi to establish wireless connections to computers or between the camera and smartphones or tablets (smart devices) running the SnapBridge app.

  • To turn Wi‑Fi off, highlight [Wi‑Fi connection] in the i menu and press J; if Wi‑Fi is currently enabled, a [Close Wi‑Fi connection] prompt will be displayed. Press J to end the connection.

A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

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