Pixel mapping checks and optimizes camera image sensor. If you notice unexpected bright spots appearing in pictures taken with the camera, perform pixel mapping as described below.

  • Use a fully-charged battery to prevent unexpected loss of power.

  • Pixel mapping is performed with the lens cap (front cap) attached and the camera viewfinder eyepiece covered by the supplied eyepiece cap.

  1. Select [Pixel mapping] in the setup menu.

    Turn the camera on, press the G button, and select [Pixel mapping] in the setup menu.

  2. Select [Start].

    Pixel mapping will start. 1 appears in the control panel while the operation is in progress.

  3. Turn the camera off when pixel mapping is complete.

Pixel Mapping
  • Do not attempt to operate the camera while pixel mapping is in progress. Do not turn the camera off or remove or disconnect the power source.

  • Pixel mapping may not be available if the camera’s internal temperature is elevated.