Save current camera menu settings to a memory card. You can also load saved settings, allowing menu settings to be shared among cameras of the same model.

  • If two memory cards are inserted, the settings will be saved to the card in Slot 1.

  • The following settings are saved:

    Settings that can be saved and loaded


    [Playback display options]

    [Image review]

    [After delete]

    [Rotate tall]


    [File naming]

    [Role played by card in Slot 2]

    [Image area]

    [Image quality]

    [Image size]

    [NEF (RAW) recording]

    [ISO sensitivity settings]

    [White balance]

    [Set Picture Control] (Custom Picture Controls are saved as [Auto])

    [Color space]

    [Active D‑Lighting]

    [Long exposure NR]

    [High ISO NR]

    [Vignette control]

    [Diffraction compensation]

    [Auto distortion control]

    [Flicker reduction]

    [Flash control]

    [Auto bracketing]

    [Silent live view photography]


    [File naming]


    [Image area]

    [Frame size/frame rate]

    [Movie quality]

    [Movie file type]

    [ISO sensitivity settings]

    [White balance]

    [Set Picture Control] (Custom Picture Controls are saved as [Auto])

    [Active D‑Lighting]

    [High ISO NR]

    [Diffraction compensation]

    [Flicker reduction]

    [Electronic VR]

    [Microphone sensitivity]


    [Frequency response]

    [Wind noise reduction]

    [Headphone volume]

    [Timecode] (excepting [Timecode origin])


    All Custom Settings


    [Save user settings]


    [Time zone and date] (excepting [Date and time])

    [Information display]

    [Non-CPU lens data]

    [Clean image sensor]

    [Image comment]

    [Copyright information]

    [Beep options]

    [Touch controls]


    [Location data] (excepting [Position])

    [Wireless remote (WR) options]

    [Assign remote (WR) Fn button]

    [Slot empty release lock]

Save Menu Settings

Save settings to the memory card. If the card is full, an error will be displayed and settings will not be saved. Saved settings can only be used with other cameras of the same model.

Load Menu Settings

Load saved settings from the memory card. Note that [Load Menu Settings] is available only when a memory card containing saved settings is inserted.

Saved Settings

Settings are saved to files named “NCSET***”. “***” is an identifier that varies from camera to camera. The camera will not be able to load settings if the file name is changed.