1. Press the K button.

    A photograph will be displayed in the monitor.

    K button

  2. View additional pictures.

    Additional pictures can be displayed by pressing 4 or 2 or flicking a finger left or right over the display. To view additional information on the current photograph, press 1 and 3 (0 Photo Information).

    To end playback and return to shooting mode, press the shutter-release button halfway.

Image Review

When On is selected for Image review in the playback menu (0 Image Review), photographs are automatically displayed in the monitor after shooting.

Deleting Unwanted Photographs

To delete the photograph currently displayed in the monitor, press the O (Q) button. Note that photographs can not be recovered once deleted.

  1. Display the photograph.

    Display the photograph you wish to delete as described in “Basic Playback” (0 Basic Playback).

    K button

  2. Delete the photograph.

    Press the O (Q) button. A confirmation dialog will be displayed; press the O (Q) button again to delete the image and return to playback. To exit without deleting the picture, press K.

    O (Q) button


To delete selected images (0 Selected: Deleting Selected Photographs), all images taken on a selected date (0 Select Date: Deleting Photographs Taken on a Selected Date), or all images in a chosen location on the memory card (0 The Playback Menu), use the Delete option in the playback menu.