At the time of writing, the following accessories were available for the D7500.

Availability may vary with country or region. See our website or brochures for the latest information.

Using the Accessory Terminal

Connect accessories as shown, with the H mark on the connector aligned with the F next to the accessory terminal. To prevent malfunction caused by foreign matter on the terminal, close the camera connector cover when the terminal is not in use.

Attaching a Power Connector and AC Adapter

Turn the camera off before attaching an optional power connector and AC adapter.

  1. Ready the camera.

    Open the battery-chamber () and power connector () covers.

  2. Insert the EP-5B power connector.

    Be sure to insert the connector in the orientation shown, using the connector to keep the orange battery latch pressed to one side. The latch locks the connector in place when the connector is fully inserted.

  3. Close the battery-chamber cover.

    Position the power connector cable so that it passes through the power connector slot and close the battery-chamber cover.

  4. Connect the EH-5b/EH-5c AC adapter.

    Connect the AC adapter power cable to the AC socket on AC adapter () and the power cable to the DC socket (). A V icon is displayed in the monitor when the camera is powered by the AC adapter and power connector.