To display the retouch menu, press G and select the N (retouch menu) tab.

G button

The options in the retouch menu are used to create trimmed or retouched copies of existing pictures. The retouch menu is only displayed when a memory card containing photographs is inserted in the camera.

Can only be selected by pressing G and selecting N tab.

Available only if retouch menu is displayed by pressing i and selecting Retouch when a retouched image or original is displayed in full-frame playback.

Creating Retouched Copies

To create a retouched copy:

  1. Select an item in the retouch menu.

    Press 1 or 3 to highlight an item, 2 to select.

  2. Select a picture.

    Highlight a picture and press J. To view the highlighted picture full screen, press and hold the X (T) button.


    In the case of images recorded at image quality settings of NEF + JPEG, only the NEF (RAW) image will be retouched. The camera may not be able to display or retouch images created with other devices.

  3. Select retouch options.

    For more information, see the section for the selected item. To exit without creating a retouched copy, press G.

    Monitor off Delay

    The monitor will turn off and the operation will be cancelled if no actions are performed for a brief period. Any unsaved changes will be lost. To increase the time the monitor remains on, choose a longer menu display time for Custom Setting c4 (Monitor off delay, 0 c4: Monitor off Delay).

  4. Create a retouched copy.

    Press J to create a retouched copy. Retouched copies are indicated by a Z icon.

Retouching the Current Image

To create a retouched copy of the current image, press i and select Retouch.

Retouching Copies

Most options can be applied to copies created using other retouch options, although (with the exceptions of Image overlay and Edit movie > Choose start/end point) each option can be applied only once (note that multiple edits may result in loss of detail). Options that can not be applied to the current image are grayed out and unavailable.

Image Quality and Size

Except in the case of copies created with Trim and Resize, copies created from JPEG images are the same size as the original, while copies created from NEF (RAW) photos are saved as large fine-quality JPEG images.