1. Select a mode.

    Rotate the mode dial to the desired mode.

    Mode dial

  2. Adjust settings.

    Make the desired adjustments to flexible program (mode P), shutter speed (modes S and M), aperture (modes A and M), exposure and flash compensation, flash mode, focus point, metering, autofocus and AF-area modes, bracketing, and settings in the photo shooting, movie shooting, and Custom Settings menus.

  3. Select Save user settings.

    Press the G button to display the menus. Highlight Save user settings in the setup menu and press 2.

    G button

  4. Select Save to U1 or Save to U2.

    Highlight Save to U1 or Save to U2 and press 2.

  5. Save user settings.

    Highlight Save settings and press J to assign the settings selected in Steps 1 and 2 to the mode dial position selected in Step 4.

User Settings

The following can not be saved to U1 or U2.

Photo shooting menu:

  • Storage folder
  • Choose image area
  • Manage Picture Control
  • Remote control mode (ML-L3)
  • Multiple exposure
  • Interval timer shooting

Movie shooting menu:

  • Choose image area
  • Manage Picture Control
  • Time-lapse movie

Custom Settings menu:

  • a10 (Manual focus ring in AF mode)
  • d9 (Optical VR)