Manual focus is available for lenses that do not support autofocus (non-AF NIKKOR lenses) or when the autofocus does not produce the desired results (0 Getting Good Results with Autofocus).

AF lenses: Set the lens focus mode switch (if present) and camera focus-mode selector to M.

Focus-mode selector

AF Lenses

Do not use AF lenses with the lens focus mode switch set to M and the camera focus-mode selector set to AF. Failure to observe this precaution could damage the camera or lens. This does not apply to AF-S lenses, which can be used in M mode without setting the camera focus-mode selector to M.

Manual focus lenses: Focus manually.

To focus manually, adjust the lens focus ring until the subject is in focus. Photographs can be taken at any time, even when the image is not in focus.

The Electronic Rangefinder (Viewfinder Photography)

The viewfinder focus indicator can be used to confirm whether the subject in the selected focus point is in focus (the focus point can be selected from any of the 51 focus points). After positioning the subject in the selected focus point, press the shutter-release button halfway and rotate the lens focus ring until the in-focus indicator (I) is displayed. Note that with the subjects listed in “Getting Good Results with Autofocus” (0 Getting Good Results with Autofocus), the in-focus indicator may sometimes be displayed when the subject is not in focus; confirm focus in the viewfinder before shooting. For information on using the electronic rangefinder with optional AF-S/AF-I teleconverters, see “AF-S/AF-I Teleconverters” (0 AF-S/AF-I Teleconverters).

AF-P Lenses

When an AF-P lens (0 Compatible CPU Lenses) is used in manual focus mode, the in-focus indicator will flash in the viewfinder (or in live view, the focus point will flash in the monitor) to warn that continuing to rotate the focus ring in the current direction will not bring the subject into focus.

Focal Plane Position

To determine the distance between your subject and the camera, measure from the focal plane mark (E) on the camera body. The distance between the lens mounting flange and the focal plane is 46.5 mm (1.83 in.).


Focal plane mark

Live View

Press the X (T) button to zoom in for precise focus in live view (0 Live View Zoom Preview).

X (T) button