The camera settings listed below can be restored to default values by holding the W (Z) and E buttons down together for more than two seconds (these buttons are marked by a green dot). The control panel turns off briefly while settings are reset.

W (Z) button

E button

Settings Accessible from the Photo Shooting Menu

Option Default
Image quality JPEG normal
Image size Large
ISO sensitivity settings
  ISO sensitivity P, S, A, M 100
Other modes Auto
Auto ISO sensitivity control Off
White balance Auto > Normal
  Fine tuning A-B: 0, G-M: 0
Picture Control settings 1 Unmodified
HDR (high dynamic range) Off 2
Flicker reduction
  Flicker reduction setting Disable
Flicker reduction indicator On
Remote control mode (ML-L3) Off
Multiple exposure Off 3
Interval timer shooting Off 4

Current Picture Control only.

HDR strength is not reset.

If multiple exposure is currently in progress, shooting will end and multiple exposure will be created from exposures recorded to that point. Gain and number of shots are not reset.

If interval timer shooting is currently in progress, shooting will end. Starting date, time, shooting interval, number of intervals and shots, and exposure smoothing are not reset.

Settings Accessible from the Movie Shooting Menu

Option Default
ISO sensitivity settings
  ISO sensitivity (mode M) 100
Auto ISO control (mode M) Off
Maximum sensitivity 51200
White balance Same as photo settings
Active D-Lighting Off
Electronic VR Off

Other Settings

Option Default
Autofocus (viewfinder)
  Autofocus mode
  % AF-S
Other modes AF-A
AF-area mode
  n, x, 0, 1, 2, 3 Single-point AF
m, w 51-point dynamic-area AF
i, j, k, l, p, o, r, s, t, u, v, y, z, f, d, e, ', u, P, S, A, M Auto-area AF
Autofocus (live view)
  Autofocus mode AF-S
AF-area mode
  m, r, w, %, f, d, e, ', u, 1, 2, 3, P, S, A, M Wide-area AF
n, 0 Normal-area AF
i, j, k, l, p, o, s, t, u, v, x, y, z Face-priority AF
Focus point 1 Center
Exposure preview Off
Multi-selector power aperture Disable
Highlight display Off
Headphone volume 15
Metering Matrix
AE lock hold Off
Bracketing Off 2
Flash compensation Off
Exposure compensation Off
Flash mode
  i, k, p, n, w, f, d, ' Auto
s Auto+red-eye reduction
o Auto+slow sync
0, P, S, A, M Fill flash
e Off
FV lock Off
Flexible program Off
Exposure delay mode Off

Focus point not displayed if auto-area AF is selected for AF-area mode.

Number of shots is reset to zero. Bracketing increment is reset to 1 EV (exposure/flash bracketing) or 1 (white balance bracketing). Y Auto is selected for the second shot of two-shot ADL bracketing programs.