Choose the flash sync speed.



[1/250 s (Auto FP)]

Auto FP high-speed sync is enabled with compatible flash units and the maximum sync speed for other flash units is set to 1/250 s.

  • When the camera shows a shutter speed of 1/250 s in mode P or A, auto FP high-speed sync will be activated if the actual shutter speed is faster than 1/250 s. If the flash supports auto FP high-speed sync, the camera can select shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 s.

  • In modes S and M, the user can select shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 s when using flash units that support auto FP high-speed sync.

[1/250 s]

Flash sync speed set to selected value, which can be from 1/250 to 1/60 s. 

[1/200 s]

[1/160 s]

[1/125 s]

[1/100 s]

[1/80 s]

[1/60 s]

Fixing Shutter Speed at the Flash Sync Speed Limit

In modes S and M, shutter speed can be fixed at the value selected for Custom Setting e1 [Flash sync speed] by selecting the next shutter speed after the slowest possible shutter speed (30 s or %). An X (flash sync indicator) will be displayed in the viewfinder and top control panel together with the flash sync speed.

Auto FP High-Speed Sync
  • Auto FP high-speed sync allows the flash to be used at the highest shutter speed supported by the camera. When [1/250 s (Auto FP)] is selected, the camera automatically enables auto FP high-speed sync at shutter speeds faster than the flash sync speed. This makes it possible to choose the maximum aperture for reduced depth of field even when the subject is backlit in bright sunlight.

  • The flash information display shows “FP” when [1/250 s (Auto FP)] is selected.

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