Choose the role assigned to the flick up, down, left, or right gestures during full-frame playback.

Flick Up/Flick Down

Choose the operation performed by flicking up or down.




Assign the current picture a pre-selected rating. The rating can be chosen by pressing 2.

[Select to send (wired LAN/WT)]

Mark the current picture for upload to a computer or ftp server to which the camera is connected via Ethernet or using a wireless transmitter.


Protect the current picture.

[Voice memo]

Flick to start recording a voice memo. If a memo already exists for the current picture, flicking instead begins playback of the existing memo. Press the center of the multi selector to end recording or playback.


Flicking up or down has no effect.

  • Pictures selected by flicking up or down when [Rating], [Select to send (wired LAN/WT)], or [Protect] is selected are indicated by icons ( File Information ). The marking can be removed by flicking again in the same direction.

Flick Advance Direction

Choose the gesture used for frame advance.





Flick from right to left to view the next picture.



Flick from left to right to view the next picture.

A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

a: Autofocus

b: Metering/Exposure

c: Timers/AE Lock

d: Shootin/Display

e: Bracketing/Flash

f: Controls

g: Movie