Adjust settings for optional WR-R10 wireless remote controllers and for optional radio-controlled flash units that support Advanced Wireless Lighting.

LED Lamp

Enable or disable the status LEDs on a WR-R10 wireless remote controller mounted on the camera. For more information, see the documentation supplied with the wireless remote controller.

Choose a link mode for WR-R10 wireless remote controllers mounted on other cameras or radio-controlled flash units that support Advanced Wireless lighting. Be sure that the same mode is selected for the other devices.

Regardless of the option selected for Link mode, signals from paired wireless remote controllers will always be received by the WR-R10. Users of the WR-1 remote controller will need to select pairing as the WR-1 link mode.

The WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller

Be sure the firmware for the WR-R10 has been updated to the latest version. For information on firmware updates, see the Nikon website for your area.