When [OFF] is selected for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Auto ISO sensitivity control] in the photo shooting menu in mode M, actions such as switching to a lens with a different aperture range may cause unintended changes to aperture. If an option other than [Exposure maintenance off] is selected for [Keep exp. when f/ changes], the camera will adjust shutter speed or ISO sensitivity to maintain exposure at its current value.

  • Other cases in which settings may be automatically adjusted to maintain exposure include when:

    • lenses with different maximum apertures at minimum and maximum zoom are zoomed in or out, or

    • the focus distance changes while a micro lens is attached.

  • The setting adjusted to maintain exposure when aperture changes can be chosen from [Shutter speed] and [ISO sensitivity]. Select [Exposure maintenance off] to disable this feature.

  • Depending on the lens, the camera may be unable to maintain current exposure at some settings.

  • Exposure maintenance is not available during video recording.

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