Choose the functions assigned to camera controls, whether used individually or in combination with the command dials, when the live view selector is rotated to 1 in live view.


To choose the roles played by the following controls, highlight an option and press J:

2 Fn1 button
5 Fn2 button
4 AE-L/AF-L button
G Shutter-release button

The functions that can be assigned to these controls are as follows:

Option 2 5 4 G
tPower aperture (open)
qPower aperture (close)
iExposure compensation +
hExposure compensation –
rIndex marking
sView photo shooting info
BAE/AF lock
CAE lock only
EAE lock (Hold)
FAF lock only
CTake photos
1Record movies

The following options are available:

Power Aperture

Power aperture is available only in modes A and M and can not be used while photo shooting info is displayed (a 6 icon indicates that power aperture can not be used). The display may flicker while aperture is adjusted.

“Record Movies”

When Record movies is selected for Shutter-release button, interval timer photography is not available.