Assign frequently-used settings to the U1 and U2 positions on the mode dial.

Saving User Settings

  1. Select a mode.

    Rotate the mode dial to the desired mode.

    Mode dial

  2. Adjust settings.

    Make the desired adjustments to flexible program (mode P), shutter speed (modes S and M), aperture (modes A and M), exposure and flash compensation, flash mode, focus point, metering, autofocus and AF-area modes, bracketing, and settings in the photo shooting, movie shooting, and Custom Settings menus (0 C The Photo Shooting Menu: Shooting Options, 1 The Movie Shooting Menu: Movie Shooting Options, A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings).

  3. Select Save user settings.

    Press the G button to display the menus. Highlight Save user settings in the setup menu and press 2.

    G button

  4. Select Save to U1 or Save to U2.

    Highlight Save to U1 or Save to U2 and press 2.

  5. Save user settings.

    Highlight Save settings and press J to assign the settings selected in Steps 1 and 2 to the mode dial position selected in Step 4.

User Settings

The following can not be saved to U1 or U2.

Photo shooting menu:

  • Storage folder
  • Choose image area
  • Manage Picture Control
  • Remote control mode (ML-L3)
  • Multiple exposure
  • Interval timer shooting

Movie shooting menu:

  • Choose image area
  • Manage Picture Control
  • Time-lapse movie

Custom Settings menu:

  • a10 (Manual focus ring in AF mode)
  • d9 (Optical VR)

Recalling User Settings

Simply rotate the mode dial to U1 to recall the settings assigned to Save to U1, or to U2 to recall the settings assigned to Save to U2.

Mode dial