Choose the pitch and volume of the beep that sounds when the camera focuses using single-servo AF (AF-S or when single-servo AF is selected for AF-A), when focus locks during live view photography, while the release timer is counting down in self-timer and delayed remote release modes (0 Remote Control Mode (ML-L3)), when a photograph is taken in quick-response remote or remote mirror-up mode (0 Remote Control Mode (ML-L3)), if the shutter-release button is pressed when a write-protected memory card is inserted, or when the shutter-release button is pressed for a second time during mirror-up photography, time-lapse shooting ends, or the touch-screen is used for keyboard entry (0 Text Entry). Note that regardless of the option selected, a beep will not sound in movie mode or quiet-shutter release modes (modes Q and Qc). A beep will not sound when the camera focuses using single-servo AF if Release is selected for Custom Setting a2 (AF-S priority selection, 0 a2: AF-S Priority Selection).

Beep On/Off

Select Off (touch controls only) to mute the sounds the camera makes in response to touch-screen controls, or choose Off to prevent beeps from sounding altogether. When an option other than Off is selected, c appears in the information display.


Adjust beep volume.


Choose the pitch of the beep from High and Low.